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Helpdesk Prioritization List

by Cal Doval published Aug 30, 2012 11:45 AM, last modified Sep 13, 2012 09:34 AM
A helpdesk prioritization list endorsed by senior leadership in the Dean's Office.

Email service/routing outages

Network service outages

AD Logon issues

File server connectivity

Printing outages

Equipment Purchases/In Warranty Replacements (work stoppage)

Work stop issues on DAFIS, PPS, AIS etc if this is the core job function for the staff member.

Integration of new units and centers

Installation/troubleshooting of supported software

  • Changes to mailing list/group memberships
  • Microsoft Office client problems (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe/PDF)
  • Email client problems (Web Access working) including address book cache
  • Remote access setup assistance/info (VPN and RDP)
  • Other supported software misbehavior including phishing, spam, backscatter, crashing, etc.

Equipment Purchases (non work stoppage)

Installation/troubleshooting of business software that's already on the terminal server

Cell Phones

Support of research / data gathering software

Moving of functional equipment to a new location

Installation/troubleshooting of unsupported software

Equipment Purchases/Repairs/Out of warranty replacements/Unauthorized purchases

Quote requests for equipment etc. that we might buy

Support of cameras etc.

Setup of secondary or third work computers





The goal of the Computing Resources Unit is to provide the best possible customer service, application development, and technology infrastructure to support the business needs of the Dean’s Office and the College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences and its departments.