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by Cal Doval published Aug 23, 2012 03:35 PM, last modified Sep 13, 2012 08:13 AM
Here are some guides that answer questions we get frequently at our help desk. You can take a look to see if your issue is covered here before sending a ticked to the help desk.

Connect from Home using Remote Desktop

This guide will explain the step by step process of connecting from home with remote desktop.

Connect from Home using Remote Desktop - Read More…

Reducing File Size in Office 2007

When sending a PowerPoint or Word containing many pictures over email you are often hampered by size restrictions (either on your end or the other person’s end). Compressing the size of these pictures will help to minimize the size of your file by optimizing the pictures for a particular medium (Print, Screen, or E-mail).

Reducing File Size in Office 2007 - Read More…

Temporary Affiliate Form

Are you sponsoring a temporary visiting scholar, researcher, or faculty member? Visit this guide to learn how to get them a temporary computing account with campus for their visit which will allow them access to campus wi-fi and more!

Temporary Affiliate Form - Read More…

Enabled Voicemail (EVM)

A quick start guide to setting up Enabled Voicemail, voicemail delivered to your email inbox, on your campus phone.

Enabled Voicemail (EVM) - Read More…

How to Tag an Image

This guide will demonstrate the process of tagging images in Windows Explorer.

How to Tag an Image - Read More…

DaFIS via DaFIS Connect

How to connect to UC Davis’ Remote Desktop solution for DaFIS.

DaFIS via DaFIS Connect - Read More…

CAES PowerPoint template

The official PowerPoint template for presentations in the CA&ES Dean's Office.

CAES PowerPoint template - Read More…





Use this list to help find certain guides.