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Reducing File Size in Office 2007

by Cal Doval published Aug 23, 2012 11:35 AM, last modified Aug 24, 2012 10:11 AM
When sending a PowerPoint or Word containing many pictures over email you are often hampered by size restrictions (either on your end or the other person’s end). Compressing the size of these pictures will help to minimize the size of your file by optimizing the pictures for a particular medium (Print, Screen, or E-mail).

To change the compression settings:

  1. Select a picture and go to the Picture Tools Format bar on the Ribbon.
  2. Click “Compress Pictures” and a dialog box will come up. Click “Options”.
  3. Click the radio button for the appropriate medium. If you just want to give the person on the other end an idea of what you are doing, E-mail would be a good choice. If they will be presenting with this file (i.e. PowerPoint)Screen may be a good option.Print should only be chosen if the file will be printed and the pictures need to be very clear.
  4. reduce-file-2
  5. Once you select the desired setting click “OK” to close the Compression Settings dialog; then click “OK” to close the Compress Pictures dialog. Now all pictures in your PowerPoint should be optimized for your target output.
  6. reduce-file-3
    Note: Whatever you set your Compression Settings to be will be the default setting for any new files you create. This will probably not be a problem, but you should be aware of it. If you need to change the Compression Settings again for a new project, simply repeat the process. Additionally, the Compression Settings do not carry over between Office applications (i.e. settings for PowerPoint and Word can be different).





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