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Plone: Information for Website Reviewers

by Cal Doval published Aug 30, 2012 01:10 PM, last modified Dec 17, 2013 03:48 PM
This page will offer information for people interested in reviewing websites.


Review List Portlet

The Review List Portlet is a brief list that will display on the left column of the CA&ES website while you are logged in, if you have Reviewer privileges. Reviewers canpublish content that other editors create or modify.

Orange indicates that the item is "Pending review" and will not go live until you have reviewed and approved it. The information in white below indicates who created the item and when it was modified.

Click on Full review list in order to view all items Pending review. The Review List Portlet will only show a couple of the most recent items.


How to publish content

Publishing content is the same process as submitting content for review. At theChange State section, select Publish, then save.


Glossary of Workflow terms

  • Create/Edit - Items will be modified but not viewable to the public until approved by a reviewer
  • Publish - Moves items to the live site, viewable to the public
  • Reviewer - Someone who has the ability to publish content
  • Editor - Someone who has the ability to create or edit content





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