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How to Tag an Image

by Cal Doval published Aug 23, 2012 03:35 PM, last modified Sep 13, 2012 10:04 AM
This guide will demonstrate the process of tagging images in Windows Explorer.

Searching for pictures on the Image Library share is easy and fast when the images have keywords assigned to them.  When a keyword is added to an image this is called a tag.  The University has a list of approved tags which can be found at,

  • To tag an image navigate to the image share on your computer, R
  • Select one or a group of images you want to apply a tag to
  • Along the bottom bar in the middle is a Tag field.  If the image has no tags applied it will read Add a tag otherwise it will show the current tags.  To add a tag click on Add a tag or on a current tag
  • Type in the tag(s) to add to the image.  If more than one tag is added it will need to have a ; in between.  For example:
    duck; egghead; alumni;
    Click save in the bottom right when done adding a Tag and a status dialogue will pop up and show the progress.  When  the save dialogue goes away the computer is ready to tag the next image.  Click here for the list of approved tags.


Change the view

  • To change the view of the folder to look like the example screen shots click the arrow next to Views and select Large Icons.





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