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Plone: How to publish content

by Cal Doval published Aug 30, 2012 01:10 PM, last modified Dec 17, 2013 03:47 PM
Once you've edited your page to your liking (see the "How to edit an existing page" for more information), complete the following steps in order to publish your page:

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  • The Item State is indicated in the top right corner of the green editing box. All new items start out at state: private. Click on the Item State to access thePublishing Process page.
  • Scroll down and double check that your correct affected content is selected.
  • Scroll down to the Change State option, and choose the action that is appropriate for you:
    • If you are the content creator, choose Submit for Publication. The item will be reviewed and then published by a reviewer.
    • If you are the creator and would like to change content that has already been submitted for publication, you can choose Retract to bring it back to thePrivate state.
    • If you are a reviewer, you can choose to Publish the content, which will put it on the live website, or Send Back the content, which will notify the creator that changes need to be made. (Are you a reviewer? More information for you isavailable here!)

* Please note: all linked content (documents, images) for a page also need to be published in order for them to be viewable to the public. (i.e. if you create a page with an image on it, you also need to go to that image and publish it as well)


Glossary of Workflow Terms

  • Create/Edit - Items will be modified but not viewable to the public until approved by a reviewer
  • Publish - Moves items to the live site, viewable to the public
  • Reviewer - Someone who has the ability to publish content
  • Editor - Someone who has the ability to create or edit content


For more information, please read the "Simple Publication Workflow" section located here, or submit a ticket at





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