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How do I schedule a room & a projector?

by Cal Doval published Aug 30, 2012 01:10 PM, last modified Dec 17, 2013 03:57 PM
This guide will help you understand the process of scheduling a room and/or a projector.

  • From your calendar in Outlook, create a new appointment, or open an existing upcoming appointment that you own. In the window with event details that opens up, click the Scheduling Assistant view.


  • On the top-most blank space under All Attendees, type in the name of the resource you're trying to reserve, such as Checkout Projector #1, then move to the next line. This will load that resource's schedule and allow you to see when it's available for checkout. 


    Alternatively to typing in the resource's name, you can click Add Attendees... at the bottom left. This will open the Global Address List, which you can search through by typing in Checkout, etc. Double click on a name to add it, and click OK when you're done.


  • In order to reserve a room, you can type in the full name, or click Add Rooms... at the bottom left. Choose the room you'd like by double clicking on its name, then click OK.



    Times when the room or resource are already booked will be noted in the Scheduling Assistant
  • If you've successfully reserved a resource or room, you'll receive a pop-up message that says "The resources for the meeting were successfully booked." Additionally, you'll receive an email that the resource "accepted" your meeting invitation.





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