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DaFIS via DaFIS Connect

by Cal Doval published Aug 23, 2012 03:35 PM, last modified Sep 13, 2012 10:04 AM
How to connect to UC Davis’ Remote Desktop solution for DaFIS.

Before you begin: If you're unsure you've been granted access to DaFIS, please contact the business office manager.

1. Click the Windows Start Orb and in the search box type as much of "Remote Desktop Connection" as needed to reveal the icon at the top of the menu.



For Windows 7 – Right click on "Remote Desktop Connection" and select "Pin to Taskbar"

For Windows Vista – Right click on "Remote Desktop Connection” and select “Add to Quick Launch”

Optional: Right click on "Remote Desktop Connection" and select "Pin to Start Menu"


2. Click on "Remote Desktop Connection

" or one of the two icons created optionally above.

DaFIS Connect 3

3. In the window labeled "Remote Desktop Connection" Click on "Options

" to expand the view.


4. In the field "Computer" enter "

" without quotes.

Optional: Make a desktop shortcut to DaFIS Connect by clicking on “Save As”, selecting the Desktop folder and naming the icon “DaFIS”. (In Windows Vista click “Browse Folders” to locate the Desktop folder.)



The resulting desktop icon:

DaFIS Connect 5c

5.In the field "User name" enter your uConnect/XEDA credentials in the following form:


Optional: Check the box marked "Allow me to save credentials"


6. Click "Connect

". When prompted enter your uConnect/XEDA/Kerberos passphrase.


Troubleshooting logon issues:

In your web browser goto:

Hit the login button and enter your Kerberos username and password.

You can reset your Kerberos password at or

Call IET express to get your password reset if this fails.

530-754-HELP (4357)

If it works:

Use a Remote Desktop Connection to:

use ad3\Kerberos_username for the user name

and the same password

Call the Dafis help desk if that fails.

Phone: (530) 752-3855





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