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West Coast Plone Cioppino sprint!

by pgang — published Jan 05, 2011 08:55 AM, last modified Jan 28, 2014 02:54 PM
West coast represent. Looks like there will be a Plone sprint coming up early this February

Check out their Coactivate page for more information and to sign up.

Date: February 9-13 (Wed-Sun) 2011
Place: Bodega Bay, CA

Topics: This will be a sprint focused on a limited number of pre-defined topics, possibly to include:

  • Improving Plone's approachability for evaluators
  • Overhauling and modernizing
  • Overhauling and modernizing PloneHelpCenter
  • Documentation
  • Other topics TBD: but we want to keep the focus on achievable tasks that provide immediate wins for Plone-the-product or Plone-the-community.