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The Joy of Cooking...with XDV

by pgang — published Oct 28, 2010 03:10 PM, last modified Jan 28, 2014 02:54 PM
Cooking up a beautifully themed Plone site, that is! We gave a presentation on what we learned from the LA Plone Sprint over the summer, so here are our notes from that.

Someday when I'm not caught between back to back meetings I'll write a more pleasant introduction to this material, but in the meantime! Here are the slides from our presentation.

Liz Leddy (@eleddy) wrote a great recap of our whole sprint over here on the PloneChix blog.

At the sprint Tyler and I put together a theme based on Halcyon, a free HTML template by Spyka. Here's a zip file with our rules.xml, template.html, and our ploneCustom.css*, etc. (during the sprint we used styles.css instead, placed it in the portal_skins/custom folder, and registered it in the portal_css registry).

Lastly, the rules.xml file from our talk today looked like:

<rules xmlns="">
    <!-- title -->
    <replace content='/html/head/title'    
               theme='/html/head/title' />               

    <!-- Base tag -->
    <replace theme="/html/head/base" content="/html/head/base" />
    <prepend theme="/html/head" content="/html/head/link | /html/head/style" />
    <prepend theme="/html/head" content="/html/head/script" />    
    <prepend content="/html/body/@class" theme="/html/body" /> 

    <!-- examples: 
         note the syntax but don't worry about the details yet        
    <copy content='//*[@id="where-it's-coming-from"]'    
               theme='//*[@id="where-it's-going-to"]' />   -->

    <copy content='//*[@id="portal-column-content"]'    <!-- Plone body into HTML footer -->
               theme='//*[@id="footer"]' />         

    <copy content='//*[@id="portal-logo"]'              <!-- Plone logo into HTML logo -->
               theme='//*[@id="logo"]' />